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Isn’t she lovely?

After her perfect-clean performance (2007-2014)


Yu-na’s personal story moves IOC members (from July 7, 2011)

Through Kim, Korea finally had a convincing story to win over the hearts of the IOC members, unlike during the past two bids for 2010 and 2014, where PyeongChang narrowly lost to Vancouver, Canada and Sochi, Russia, respectively. 

Calling herself “a living legacy of our government’s efforts to improve the standard of winter sport,” Kim delivered not only an effective promotional effort for the bid city, but also shared her personal story of a young girl with Olympic aspirations who ultimately conquered her sport.


"More than being remembered as the Vancouver gold medalist or the Sochi silver medalist, I just want people to remember that there was once a skater named Yuna Kim.”

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Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir // Sochi 2014 Olympics figure skating gala finale.

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Welp I guess we solved the mystery of the person who gave Yuna Kim a 0. Didn’t know that the skaters could be friends with the judges ^__^ Also didn’t know that figure skating was a team collaboration between the judge and the skater. Corruption at its finest.

Yuna Kim was robbed of her gold medal:


  • Russia had a home advantage
  • Sotnikova’s Previous Scores
    175.98 at World Champions (March 2013)
    173.30 at Grand Prix Final (December 2013)
    224.59 at Sochi Winter Olympics (February 2014)
    Although the Russian skater is absolutely wonderful at what she does, it is physically impossible to…

A final farewell. I, I burst into tears.

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“Well, the scores are given by the judges so I am not in the right position to comment on it. There’s nothing that will change with my words. The most important thing for me is to participate in these Games. This was my last participation in the competition, so I’m happy with that.”

—   Yuna Kim, 2014 Olympic Silver Medalist (via edge-triggered)